The OpenCity App, that can be easily downloaded for free, allows you to discover the city of Milan through the innovative technologies of the augmented reality, the geolocation and the geo-fencing. Moreover, exclusive Adventures – challenges to solve enigmas – and original Walking Tours – illustrated by experts, e.g. the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the executive chef Enrico Derflingher and the photographer Fulvio Bugani – will help you to tour the city in an unconventional way.

Through the OpenCITY App you can download the Walking Tours, which are thematic itineraries that – thanks to the descriptions provided by a multilingual virtual assistant – facilitate and make your tour of Milan more interesting, giving you the chance to discover its beautiful and suggestive places. These itineraries are totally managed by you (single user or a group of people) and can be stopped or restarted according to his personal demands. Thanks to the technologies of the OpenCITY App that includes the geolocation of users and the playback of audio files through the geo-fencing, you can customize and enjoy your travel experience.

You can choose your favorite Walking Tour among several themes: History, Culture, Photography, Fashion and Mystery.

Through the OpenCITY App you can download the Adventures, which are challenges to solve enigmas that through the ‘catch’ of mysterious objects help you tour the beautiful places of Milan in a very “natural” though unconventional way.

You can choose your favorite Adventure among several themes: History, Art, Culture, Fantasy, Fashion, Food, Design, Mystery, Noir and Sports.

The OpenCITY App leads you to a surreal world thanks to the technologies of geo-locationgeo-fencing and an augmented reality scanner that frames and captures mysterious objects (bi-dimensional or 3-D). You will therefore enjoy a truly unique experience.

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