The free app to enjoy the city of Milan
and be the protagonist thanks to the most modern technologies
of Augmented Reality, Geo-fencing and Geolocation.


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Guided tours, daily excursions, digital experiences

OpenCITY Milan

The key that opens all city gates.
You can discover the most amazing corners of Milan
and its secrets.

You are the the protagonist with the OpenCITY App!
You can enjoy your travel experience according to your pace and preferences,
thanks to walking tours and multi-thematic adventures.
Thanks to the innovative technologies of the augmented reality,
the geo-fencing and the geolocation, you will live a unique experience!

The proposals of OpenCITY

Over 20 proposals to make your tour, really unforgettable.

OpenCity products


Start your next travel experience

and watch the trailers of the exclusive Adventures

that will help you to discover the city of Milan in a unique way.

Change the way you tour a city.

Start from Milan and live it as the protagonist.


Augmented Reality

The technology that captures
moments of a city which is constantly moving.
New observation points
to enjoy the city in a customized way

Mappa percorsi

Walking Tours

Experts give you suggestions, tell you some interesting curiosities and illustrate the history of Milan.

Walking Tours

Through the App you can download multi-thematic itineraries to tour the city of Milan according to your passions and interests. You will be guided by the voice of experts who describe places, tell curiosities and give suggestions. Choose your favorite Walking Tour among several themes: Art, History, Culture, Food, Fashion, Photography and Nature. You will be the protagonist of a unique experience. Through an unconventional way of visiting and enjoying the city, you will discover a very surprising Milan.



Solve intriguing enigmas and mysteries
and then complete the exploration of Milan.
Choose your favourite thematic itinerary and start the adventure.

Adventures, among mysteries and enigmas

A great Adventure lived through suggestive unexpected itineraries and places in Milan. Like a movie, you will be the protagonist of a series of challenges to solve enigmas and unveil mysteries and secrets, virtually lead by the Guardians of the Phoenix, the creator of an ancient Order.

Choose your favourite challenges according to your passions and interests: Art, Culture, History, Mystery, Cooking, Fashion, Sport, Fantasy and Love. It will be a unique experience to remember and tell everybody!

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