Milan of kids

A trip to Milan with your kids? Forget economy, stock market, people who run and have no time. A trip to Milan for the weekend, or even just for a day, is a great idea that could leave yuor kids open-mouthed: stories to tell, secrets to discover, mysteries, open air games. Milan can be an interesting and wonderful place for the little ones.

Here, the top 5 to do list with your kids in Milan:

1. Play the “cordless” in Piazza dei Mercanti
“Piazza dei Mercanti” is between Piazza Duomo and Cordusio. A place rich in history that collects a truth which become legend: in the past, the merchants were able to make price cartels speaking from one colum to another, thank to a special acoustic. A sort of legend tells also that judges were listening to the lawyers and the accused people to know their secrets before the lawsuite. You will try this “cordless” for fun with your kids who will find it very funny. And the parents? They will come back to childhood for a time. Wonderful!

2. Spinning on Bull Balls

We are in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, a fantastic pedestrian shopping street with ceramic pictures on the ground. All people, tourists, but not only, when pass in Galleria, spin on Bull Balls. The tradition started we don’t know when, but if you spin on the ceramic picture of the bull, in the hole, it brings you luck. You can play this tradition as you would like: looking to the glass ceiling or looking to your feet, closing eyes or not. You have to make a wish and it will come true with your kids.

3. San Satiro and the birth of perspective
From what kids are fascinated? Something strange, particular, something real they didn’t expect. Nowadays, children use everyday smartphone, Ipad, electric stuff and a perspectives games can make them crazy. Take your kids to the church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro: it is not far from the Duomo and, many times, people pass by without noticing it because it is really little. Walk in the central nave and you will see an optic illusion: a large space behind the altar, with a regular apse, columns and decorations. You must walk for a long time before realizing that there is no space but “only” a Bramante’s wonder.

4. Open City App: adventures for the little ones
Open City is a new webapp put together Milan’s beauty with funny games, the real world to a digital one. Discover art and culture with this electronic tools can be interested. Its name is “Open City App”: It opens the doors of the city, allow turists to live it in an original way follow personal passions. The app contains two types of content: “Adventures” and “Walking Tour”. The “Adventures” for the little ones are perfect: augmented reality, enigmas, riddles. There is the adventure “Discovering the city of the elves” but also “The legacy of the enchanted city”, without forgetting “In search of the forgotten truth”. And coming soon, for boys and girls love the game of football, there will also be two adventures dedicated to the secrets of Inter and Milan. A trip into the city for real fans.

5. Pink Flamingos
Have your children ever seen pink flamingos? Live, we mean, not on tv or in a website. Well, Milan could surprise you like a natural park. In Via Cappuccini 7, there is a wonderful and elegant  place, named “Villa Invernizzi”: peek and enjoy the flamingos, they are in the garden for forty years.

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