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OpenCITY Jeans: the basic formula, good for all pockets, to find out a new way to visit and enjoy Milan. An innovative and exclusive experience that will make you the real protagonist of your free time, eased by the chance to move thanks to the city transportation services. The Card also includes the access to 1 Adventure and 1 Walking Tour of the OpenCITY App.

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OpenCITY Jeans includes:

– 1 OpenCITY Jeans Card
– 1 One day ticket ATM (24 hours after stamping). The ticket allows you to use all the urban ATM network with the urban leg of the intercity routes, and the urban rail lines of Trenord and the ‘Passante Ferroviario’ (Urban Railway Network)
– 1 OpenCITY App Code that allows you to download on your device (smartphone or tablet) 1 Adventure and 1 Walking Tour, for 2 days (48 hours).


An absolutely innovative way to experience a great Adventure throughout unexpected and amazing places and routes in the city. Just like in a movie, you’ll be the protagonist of some “challenges with Enigmas”, tracking the mysteries and secrets to reveal, virtually accompanied by the Guardians and the Phoenix, the creator of an ancient and mysterious Order. You can choose the challenge that fascinates you the most, the closest to your passions: Art, Culture, History, Mystery, Food, Fashion, Sports, Fantasy, Love. Every time it will be an experience to remember and talk about. Above all, you’ll enjoy and discover the city as you’ve never done before.
The Code can be used by 1 single device and will be deactivated automatically 2 days after the activation date of OpenCITY Jeans.


To tour the city according to your passions and interests, with the recommendations, tips, and descriptions of some important experts, like Vittorio Sgarbi, art critic, Enrico Derflingher, executive chef, Fulvio Bugani, photographer and Leica ambassador in Italy, and Maria Canella, professor of history of costumes. Choose the tour you like among Art, Culture, History, Food, Fashion, Photography, Nature. You’ll enjoy a very surprising Milan and you’ll be the protagonist of a unique experience thanks to a very unconventional way to tour and experience the city.
The Code can be used by 1 single device and will be deactivated automatically 2 days after the activation date of OpenCITY Jeans.

– Adventure and Walking Tour Code: 2 days (48 hours) from the activation date, that matches with the issuing date of OpenCITY Jeans and can be different from online purchase day.
– ATM Ticket: 24 hours after stamping.

Withdrawal and Activation of OpenCITY Jeans:

After the online purchase, the Kit containing the card, the OpenCITY App Code and ATM Ticket must be collected, upon presentation of the receipt, at: FRIGERIO VIAGGI – Via De Amicis 57, Milano.


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