Game Box Leonardo


Game Box includes: 

  • 1 map entirely devoted to Leonardo in Lombardy. With everything possible about the great Genius, with a Tuscan origin but living in Milan, on his years spent among Milan, Vigevano and the river Adda. The most important things to see and those you can’t miss. As well as the most surprising curiosities, the mysteries of his works and his inner thoughts.
  • And more, FREE FOR YOU, 2 fabulous digital contents: free download OpenCITY App. LOGIN and select the Walking Tour and the Adventure included, insert the code printed in the Game Box and download your digital content.

What is a WALKING TOUR? Thematic routes, with the recommendations and tips of some important experts. You will manage the route autonomously, having the chance to interrupt it or listen to it repeatedly. Even at home.

Your Walking Tour – The other Leonardo in Milan:

So who was the real Leonardo? What did he look like? And his character? What worried him and what was it like to live with these brilliant ideas that were so innovative?

Lenght of the tour: half day, 9 km


What is an Adventure? Just like in a movie, you’ll be the protagonist of some “challenges with Enigmas”, tracking the mysteries and secrets to reveal.

Your Adventure – The enigma of Leonardo’s testament:

Leonardo may have left behind a secret testament. Head out in search of hidden Riddles in extraordinary places, to see Milan through the eyes of the Great Master himself.

Lenght of the tour: 6/7 hours, 4,5 km


Validity: 1 device(smartphone or tablet) for 30 days from the activation date.



Withdrawal and Activation of Game Box Leonardo:

After the online purchase, the Kit containing the Map and the OpenCITY App Code must be collected, upon presentation of the receipt, at: FRIGERIO VIAGGI – Via De Amicis 57, Milano.


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