Walking Tour
Walking Tour

OpenCITY App was created to radically change how to tour a city, making you the protagonist of your experience and your leisure time. OpenCITY App allows you to make a tour according to your pace and ways, so that you can enjoy an innovative and unique experience, also thanks to the technologies of the Augmented Reality, Geofencing and Geolocalization.

OpenCITY App has the necessary information and recommendations to plan and optimize your visit of the city in the best way possible (weather forecast, means of transport, places for shopping, calendar of exhibitions, emergency numbers) and it’s the quickest way to buy at any time, also immediately, the Adventures, mysterious thematic tours to explore the city in a surprising way, and the Walking Tours, thematic tours to freely enjoy with the virtual support of famous experts.


– In an innovative way you will enjoy a really involving experience, in total autonomy, through amazing places, sometimes even unknown, throughout the city. Like in a movie, you’ll be the protagonist of some “challenges with Enigmas”, looking for mysteries to solve and secrets to reveal. You’ll be supported and virtually guided by the Guardians and by the Phoenix, creator of an ancient and mysterious Order.

– You can choose the closest challenge to your passions: Art, Culture, History, Mystery, Food, Fashion, Sport, Fantasy, Love. Each time you’ll enjoy an epic experience to remember and talk about. Above all you will enjoy and discover the city as you’ve never done before.

  • Thematic Adventures.
  • Wonderful videos shot like films, where a Guardian of the Order will lead you to look for Enigmas to solve.
  • Looking for the most amazing places in Milan, full of Enigmas and Secrets
  • Catch all solutions thanks to the Augmented Reality and Geolocalization using your device
  • No need for specific knowledge or skills to end an Adventure. Just some attention, curiosity, cunning and common sense. And Internet
  • The Guardians are played by the best Italian voice actors and professional actors
  • At the end of the Adventure, you will have enjoyed an unexpected Milan
  • Precious hints are available to continue the Adventure
  • A certificate of “Great Inquirer of the Mysteries of Milan” will witness the success of your Adventure
  • You can print it and share the certificate on social networks
  • Some Enigmas are hidden within famous museums and attractions throughout Milan
  • You can start your Adventure and stop it at any time and start it again whenever you like
  • The Adventures are set in Downtown Milan


– Thematic tours to freely visit the city, according to your passions and interests, thanks to recommendations, hints and passionate descriptions of famous experts like Vittorio Sgarbi, art critic, Enrico Derflingher, executive chef, Fulvio Bugani, photographer and Leica ambassador in Italy, and Maria Canella, Professor of History of Costume.

– Choose the thematic tour you prefer among Art, History, Culture, Food, Fashion, Photography, Nature. The city becomes a fascinating scenario and you will enjoy a wonderful experience as protagonist, using a non conventional way to tour it.

– You can stop your Walking Tour and re-start it whenever you like. You can listen to the contents over and over whenever and wherever you are.



In the free section INFO you’ll find everything you need to plan your city tour in the best way: from weather forecast, to exchange offices, from a map of all public means of transport to the right place where to eat or do some shopping, from the calendar of exhibitions to the emergency numbers. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please call your preferred agency of the Frigerio Viaggi group!



OpenCITY App originates from Frigerio Viaggi and Arriva Italia Italia long-dated experience. They are two important players on the Travel & Mobility market, that chose Milan as their pilot city for the project. Thanks to the combination among technology, tourism and mobility, the visitor will become the real protagonist of his travel experience.