The OpenCITY APP was created to radically change your way of visiting a city according to your timing, tastes and interests.

Through the OpenCITY APP you will live and discover a city as you have never done before as you are the protagonist.

Thanks to the technologies of the augmented reality, geo-fencing and geo-location, you can discover the city of Milan through the Adventures, with challenges and enigmas, and the Walking Tours, with the virtual support of experts in several fields, e.g. the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi, the famous chef Enrico Derflingher, the great photographer Fulvio Bugani and the Professor Maria Canella.

In the free section ‘Useful Info’ you can find important information to organise your visit: weather forecast, currency exchange, public transport map, restaurants, shops, fair calendar and emergency contacts.

In the paid section ‘WALKING TOURS‘, you can choose among several themed itineraries that, through the support of a multi-language virtual assistant, will help you to discover the most suggestive places of the city. You will be able to manage the Walking Tour on your own: the itineraries can be stopped or restarted according to your personal demands.

In the paid section ‘Adventures’, you can choose among several adventurous itineraries. Specifically, you can visit the city by facing challenges and enigmas and by ‘capturing’ clues along the path. Themes of the Adventures: history, art, culture, fantasy, fashion, design, mystery, noir and sport.

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