OpenCITY is a “key” radically changing how to tour a city or a territory, aiming to make the visitor the main player of his travel experience thanks to the combination of technology, tourism and mobility. It means the tourist lives this territory or city as a protagonist, through walking tours and multi-thematic adventures, and he can manage everything according to his rhythm, pace and preferences.

The pilot city of the project is Milan, that is why it is called OpenCITY Milan.

OpenCITY Milan offers a complete “turn-key” service to tour the most attractive sites in Milan. The service includes:  the pass of the ATM city transportation network in Milan (subway, bus and trams), the entry tickets to numerous museums and attractions throughout the city and Adventures and Walking Tours accessible through the OpenCITY App.

OpenCITY App Milan

A freely downloadable App, the “feather in the cap” of Open CITY Card.

Thanks to the technologies of the augmented-reality, geo-fencing and geo-localization, the user can discover Milan through the exclusive Adventures, or challenges based on Enigmas, and the  brand new Walking Tours, with experts like Vittorio Sgarbi, art critic, Enrico Derflingher, star chef, Fulvio Bugani, amazing photographer.

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Adventures between Enigmas and Mysteries

The ADVENTURES animated by OPENCITY APP are challenges based on enigmas, that, by catching mysterious objects, take you in a very natural but also unconventional way to the discovery of incredible attractions in Milan.

As in a film you will find yourself protagonist of a series of “challenges with enigmas”, on the traces of mysteries to reveal and secrets to discover, guided and virtually accompanied by the Guardians and the Phoenix, creator of an ancient and mysterious Order.

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Open City Card

OpenCITY Card Milan

The key opening the doors in Milan and allowing the discovery of the most attractive corners of this city!

An easier access to several tourist services, combining both tradition and innovation in one single smart card, allowing each traveller to enjoy a customized experience.

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